At the moment we are not taking on new trainees.

But Voodou in Liverpool are looking for 16 year old school leavers for apprenticeships - call: 0151 709 6770 Monday-Friday.

Comments and Questions

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  1. Hi,
    I’m currently supporting a young man aged 19 who wants to learn hairdressing with you. He is in receipt of Income Support and is entitled to receive this until he is 21 provided he remains in full-time, non-advanced education.
    Do any of your training courses fit into this catergory?
    Also, if somebody who is currently on JSA and wishes to apply via the apprenticeshipe route, how many hours a week would they be working/learning for on average? Do you identify work-based opportunities for them or do they need to find their own? Who do they receive their wages from and are they paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly? If they are just starting out, do they receive the minimum apprenticeship rate if they are still in their teens?


    Ish Kenny
    KSL Support Co-ordinator

  2. I have already got a level 2 qualification in hairdressing and am just wondering wether the level 3 course that you offer is a full time college course or wether I would need to start an apprenticeship ? Any info appreciated.

  3. Dear All, I am 30 years old and looking to gain the skills needed to become a barber I believe I have the skills and attributes needed for the course and wonder what opportunities are open to me can you help.

  4. Hi, im 25 and currently working full time for North West Ambulance. I have always been interested in hairdressing/barbering but never stayed on in college after school. I am off on maternity leave at the moment and looking to go back part time and try and persue a career in hairdressing/barbering. What is the best way of me doing this and how much does it cost?? Thanks

  5. Hello,

    My name is Vaclav Chumchal. I am from Czech Republic, but I am going to Manchester next month.
    I would like to ask what is the price of barber training ( level 2) ??

    Thank you for anwer

    Chumchal Václav

  6. Hello
    I am currently VRQ L2 qualified and I am interested in doing my level 3 … Can you advise me of the next stage and also whether you assist in finding placements?
    I live on the Wirral in Heswall?many thanks

  7. Hi
    I’m twenty one year old male, I have my nvq 1. An 2 in hairdressing I’m looking to move onto my level 3 do you provide training at this level ? If so could you provide an interview so we can discuss more in detail
    Thank you. Jordan

  8. I’m just wondering if I would be able to do this I am 16 and just started sixth form but really really want to become a hairdresser I’m currently not working in any salon, so just wondering if I would still be able to do it

  9. hi,i wanted to know what days/times you need female hair models for your students to train on, for free haircuts, at your training academy in Liverpool?thanks in advance 🙂

  10. I’ve done hairdressing in Huge Baird College and passed my level one but I never wanted to finish in the college as I like working in a salon instead of working in college, I want to carry on my hairdressing.

  11. I completed my level 2 hairdressing towards the end of May with yourselves and still haven’t received my certificate. I would appreciate it if someone could let me know when I would be I’m going to be applying for a position soon and will need it. You can contact me on 07429923837

  12. I have recently just left herbet of liverpool after a year training and I feel like I wasn’t being taught enough to my potential. I was enquiring if I could join your training program.

  13. Hiya I am a part time fully qualified stylist working part time in Cheshire. I am looking at carrying out a barbering course to improve my skills. My employer is willing to pay for courses, could you please send me any information that you think may be appropriate to my requirements.
    I currently cut men’s hair but feel I need more guidance and experience.

    Regards Jane Horton

  14. Hi I’m a fully qualified hairdresser with a level 2 vrq. I’m intreated in doing some work based training to gain shop experience, would I be able to complete level 3 nvq with my qualifacation thank you

  15. hi there I’m 33 yrs old and was interested in the barbering courses you have available. I’m working 16 hrs at a local salon and I have level 3 in hairdressing. I was wondering if there are funds available or how much is the course and how long does it run
    Kind regards jessica

  16. Hello,

    I’m 29 and currently in receipt of ESA.
    Would I be a
    Eligible for funding to do your Barbering NVQ Level 2 course please?

    Thank you,

  17. hi am very intrested in learning hairdressing iam 36 years old and would appreciate some information on your courses

  18. Hi, i want to enquire do you do tailor made courses,i have a stylist that is just finished a 6month hairdressing course and i want to add to her knowledge in cutting,colouring and blowdrying as she needs alot more experience,do ye do short term intensive courses?
    Thank you,

  19. hi am looking to apply to do a barbering course with your academy but each time i go to apply it says the 4 letter code i have to type in at the end is always wrong, how else can i apply??

  20. Do you have an age limit on being able to take part in the training or for funding towards the training? Thanks Kate

  21. Hi.
    Would love to do my NVQ hairdresser training with voodou.
    Please can I have some advice.
    I am a mature student.
    Maybe I sound of done my training when i was 20 something but thats life.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  22. hi
    I am looking to do a part time/ evening hairdressing course as I currently work full time mon-fri
    if you could send across any information on your hairdressing course level 2 ?
    inc prices days times etc

    many thanks
    steph x

  23. my wife is 26years old,not working,she is iranian & has been in this country since 26th September & we never thought it would be this difficult finding her a job ? would she be suitable for this course ? thank you for your time & I will look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Yours Kindly

    Mr S Morton

  24. Hi wS wondering if u done advanced cutting course in ladies hairdressing and advanced cutting in barbering. I’ve been barbering fir years but would like to keep up with new cuts x x

  25. Hi i am interested in starting a barbering course asap and want to enter a training course as soon as is available.i am keen to learn and willing to dedicate to my career choice.

  26. Hi I was wondering what the process is for applying for a level 3 nvq in hairdressing if you are a salon owner, as a friend of mine with her own salon informed me it was free to salon owners? Just wondering whether this is correct please?

  27. Hi I have come across your site and I am very interested in doing barbering I am 25 and see your site says 18-24 fully funded could you please give me some more advise wether I’m to old for this course or not and how much ect

  28. Jodie metcalfe aged 27 and I currently care for my son . Do you do any hair dressing courses for beginners of my age

    Many thanks


  29. Hi just enquiring as I am working full time 8am-4pm mon to fri but want to start a career in hairdressing I am looking for night classes that I can gain NVQ level 2 then level 3 as fast as possible ? Any help or information is much appreciated thanks 🙂

  30. Am 27 & work full time the latest finish would be till 7 o’clock once maybe twice a week with the rest being early finishers of around 4. I work on a rota so my late/early finishers can be different each week. Is there hairdressing courses available to suit me?

  31. I’ve just completed my level 2 Barbering and want to continue my development! I just wanted a bit more info regarding your level 3 course! I’m 27 years old but don’t yet work in a salon. So I was just wondering where that would leave me in regards to this course! Thank you


    1. We have courses available at the moment for level 3 barbering with or without salon employment, call 01517096770 to find out more

  32. Hi,
    Just wondering if there is an age limit to apply your level 2 diploma in hairdressing and if not what would it cost ? I am 55 and interested in training.

    1. No age limit and the cost depends on your circumstances – call 01517096770 if you have any questions

  33. Hi there,

    What is the age limit to your courses (Level 3)?

    Is there a fee reduction when on certain benefits?

    Do you accept 24+ learning loans for the Level 3 courses?

    Thank you,

  34. Hi
    I am just wondering if you do any evening hairdressing courses? I don’t have any hairdressing qualifications

  35. Really interested in the level 2 barbering course, I am 39 currently unemployed and in receipt of benefits. How do I apply for the course and will I have to pay.

  36. I am currently working as a level 2-3 hair dressing tutor and interested in developing my CPD by achieving a level 3 barbering qualification as I already have a level 2 one.
    I was just wondering how much the course is and starting date.
    Many thanks
    Esther molloy

    1. The price depends on your situation, you will be best coming in for a chat – you can book in by calling 01517096770 and the courses we have are rolling

  37. Hello, i was wondering if you have an age limit on your training programme? As i am 28, and looking for a change of career.
    Also if you have anymore information on the price and length of the training.

    Kind regards
    anna 🙂

  38. Hello I am 19 years of age and currently working part time whilst still in receipt of universal credit, I read that you do night time courses for your level 2 barbering and I am interested in this as I began an apprenticeship in hairdressing in September and found that I would like to switch to barbering as I was more interested in this, could you send me some more information about the course?

  39. Good Morning,

    Can you please give me some more information regarding your NVQ Level 2 Barbering course?

    I am currently out of work and will be receiving JSA but am concerned that if I do decide to apply for this course, I will be pushed to find a ‘permanent’ job by the government even though in training.

    I am 32 and looking to find another path in a different sector of work to what I have been doing for the past 10 years.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Kind Rgds

    Katy McIntyre

  40. I’m interested in level 2 babering and would like information as to when the course starts and on what days/times it runs on.
    Laura x

    1. The courses are rolling so have no specific start dates and there are different classes on different days to suit everyone – you can call 01517096770 for more information

  41. Hi, I’m looking to gain my nvq level 3 in hairdressing as I’m already qualified to nvq level 2, I don’t work currently but I’m looking into going mobile to help work around my small children as I need to go back to work but my daughter is only 2 and It wouldn’t be worth putting her in child care to work in a salon. Would I be able to do this course whilst being mobile or do you have to be employed in a salon. Thanks Louise.

  42. Hi! I’m just enquiring about the ‘Hairdressing Advanced Training-Level 3.’ I am really interested in perusing this course however I am not currently employed within a salon, with being a mum of one I wanted to train first before starting work. Is there anyway I can still apply or will I need salon employment? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  43. Hi, my daughter who is 22years old is looking at a new career in barbering, she is employed at the moment , I also own my own salon which I could employ her at whilst she trains, could you tell me which days she would be with you in the week and whether there will be a cost to her. thank you carys

    1. Your daughter can do the class room learning course which will get her Level 2 NVQ in Barbering that takes 12 months to complete attending one day a week – we have taster sessions where she will just come in to the practical class for 4 to 6 weeks to see that the course is definitely for her before making any commitments. Because your daughter is employed this course would cost her £840 which is payable over four installments of £210 (first installment due on day of sign up) and once a month for three months after. Or if she would prefer to do the apprenticeship it will be free to her because she is under 24, the apprenticeship gives her the same qualification but lasts 23 months and she will need to be in paid employment for a minimum 16 hours a week and our conjunction company Total People will need to come out to your salon before sign up to do a Health & Safety check.

  44. Am 18 years of age and very keen in a barbering career very instrested in the course use are running i wont disapoint and am eagar to learn new things could use please email me a comtact number

  45. Hi,
    I currently work full time and I am interested in a hairdressing career.

    Please can you confirm, if there are evening or weekend courses available?

    Many thanks,
    Lisa Whimperley

  46. Hi there I have a salon in bootle / Litherland area in liverpool
    I was just wondering if you have any students that may be interested in Saturday work at my salon I just need someone to shampoo , make tea coffee start blow drys just helping out really if anyone is interested will u pass my details on 0151 922 2333 kind regards

  47. hi
    i am 28 and in part time employment i would like to do hairdressing Level 2.
    i was wondering when does the course start ? and how many days a week ?

    1. It is a rolling course so there is no set start date, it is just when you are free to come in for an interview then we get you started on tasters, it is one day a week

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